Friday, 14 September 2012

Fragrance Direct Friday!

New found Website!
Recently I have found an amazing online shop called Fragrance Direct. It sells makeup, nail polish, Hair products, perfumes, skincare and more! However, not just that. The nail polishes include Essie, Butter London, L'Oreal, Rimmel, Maybelline, OPI, Revlon and Sally Hansen! The Essie nail polishes are only £1.99 and the Butter London polishes are £9.99. And... the Rimmel, L'Oreal and Maybelline ones are 99p!!!!
I cannot believe it. Also, a majority of the good drugstore products such as Rimmel, Maybelline and Revlon are mainly around the 99p- £3.00 mark. In my order I bought an Essie nail polish in Spaghetti Strap, a Rimmel London nail polish in Lemon Drop and a 99p Rimmel lipstick in Rosette.
I'm sure you all can't wait to check this site out so here is the link!
What is your favourite online store?
Olivia x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Mascara Monday!

My Mascara Collection
Maybelline- the colossal volum' express (glam brown, waterproof)
Boots- £7.19

Collection 2000- Skscraper length and definition (black 1)
Boots- £3.99

Collection 2000- Super size fat lash mascara (ultra black 17)
Boots- £2.99

Maybelline- Great Lash mascara (very black,waterproof)
Boots- £4.99

Collection 2000- Longer lash false lash effect mascara ( brown/black 3)

Maybelline- Colossal volum' express

This mascara is definately for volumizing which isnt really what I want becuase I need alot of length before i start volumizing. Once I have put a lengthening mascara on and let it dry it usually works well as a combo.
The wand is quite large but has a graduate dome shape and thinner point to make it easier to get to every lash.

Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara
This mascara does the 'length and definintion job' and becuase of its long thin wand applicator it really does define the lashes.
 Collection 2000 Super size mascara

This mascara is a bit wierd and not one of my favourites as it is just too big and bulky. The wand has somehow bent which to me shows that is quite a flimsy product. It dosn't give me SUPER SIZE lashes, just a SUPER SIZE (bulky) product!

The wand dosn't do much for my lashes it just coats them in a thick, black substance! Won't be getting this again.
Collection 2000 Longer lash, False lash effect Mascara
This one make me feel very confused. One day I like it another day I don't. It dosn't seem to do the job everytime i use it which is very annoying. I think it is because my lashes sometimes have a ' bad lash day!'

The wand is quit long and is of medium width and dosn't absorb the product very well. So, the whole product just seems quite trial and error and a bit of an inbetweeny product! Sorry Collection 2000.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This mascara is quite good as it is easy to coat your lashes with. However, it is a very wet product and seems to transfer very easily on to my upper lid. It is very waterproof but is easy enough to remove at night.

The wand is very small which makes it easy to apple and coat every lash. This is the only real 'up' side of the product.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

What is your favourite mascara?

Olivia x



Saturday, 25 August 2012

Striking Saturday!

Pinterest Favourites

I have recently been enjoying the app Pinterest and I just thought I would show you my random most 'striking' favourites-
Hair and Beauty
I love this idea and I must get one! I did find one here-
and here-
I have seen alot of these type of nails but these are the nicest ones I've seen.
This is meant to give you curls and depending on the width of the braid depends on the 'curliness' of your hair. I'm going to try it out and I will let you know how it goes in a post.
When I saw this I loved it straight away. This is the kind of look I would want to jazz up my wedding! He he.
Womens Fashion
I love this ring sooooo much! It is so unique and cute. You can buy it here-
I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them. Unfortunatly I couldn't find ones just like these but these ones are similar-
I also love this romper/playsuit. I have been loving lace recently and it just looks so classy. I think i've found the exact one here-
I think this is so inspirational, i remember this from the film 'Because of Win Dixie' quite well because it is one of my favourite films.
This isnt really a quote but it is something that I am deffinetly looking forward too aswell. It sounds like this person is talking about winter and if so, I can't wait for winter!
I love this quote too, it just sounds so magical!
I love tattoos like this because they are so simple and stylish. I can see myself having a tattoo like this when I am older because it isn't very noticeable.
I also really like 'word' tattoos and this is my favourite.
Food and Drink
Mmmmmmmm! Healthy, pretty and tasty. One of my favourite Youtube gurus Macbarbie07 did a video on how to make a lolly just like this-
Mmmmmm! I don't actually know what these really are but they look very yummy.
I thought this picture was sooooo cute untill I realised the bunny looks a bit dead..... hmmmm.
Its like my two favourite things put together-Sherlock and dogs!
He he! This made me LOL!
Blair Redford is my new favourite person at the moment. He stars in the new american series The Lying Game.
 I love Little Mix's outfits and I am obsessed with their single Wings. Have a wee listen!
Maybe these guys arn't necsessarily celebreties but they are to me! They are my all time favourite youtubers. The Shaytards!!!!!!!!!
Pheeeeww! That was long! Let me know if you liked this type of post.
What are your Pinterest favourites?
Olivia x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tedious Tuesday!

I m in Northern Ireland at the moment and won't be back untill Saturday. It would be very tricky to do a post while being here so I will be back by Saturday with another post! 

Olivia x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Theme Thursday!

So, it was really hard to think of an alliterative title for today but I still really wanted to do this post. To avoid this next time I do a post on a Thursday then I'm just going to call it Theme Thursday unless it is a product beginning with TH!
He he that was a funny intro!

Celebrity Big Brother Launch Outfits

Yesterday it was the launch of Celebrity Big Brother and I don't know about you but I
couldn't help but look at everyones outfits. However, there was quite alot of contestants being introduced so I'm not going to do them all, I'm just going to pick a few of my best and worsts from the show. Hope you enjoy!

Rhian Sugden

I love Rhians dress, it kind of has a peplum style to it and is also very classy and formal. I love the length on her, it is very flattering and of course this mid-length is all over the catwalk!

Danica Thrall

I LOVE how sophisticated Danica looks, I have been wanting a blouse like this for a while and it makes me want to get one even more now she is wearing one and looks sooo good! The black skinnies she is wearing make her look so slim and gives her a perfect figure.

Jasmine Lennard

Where do I start!
I honestly love how her hair looks and don't mind the gold jacket but I don't think very many people could pull this look off. I do quite like her heels aswell. The outfit deffinetly reflects her outgoing personality. Her stlye is very unique and she looks very confident in it. I would't say it is one of my favourites though!

Samantha Brick

I feel really bad saying this because I think she has tried really hard with this outfit but personally I don't like it. It's just all too black and her trousers are hanging over her shoes. I do like her sparkly top thought but I think she needs to break up the colour with a coloured blazer or acssesories.

If you havn't heard of this show it is on channel 5 and is really good!

What do you think of the housemates?

Olivia x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Schwarzkopf Sunday!

My two favourite Schwarzkopf products!

I have always loved Schwarzkopf products and these are my two favourites at the moment.

Schwarzkopf Got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Mousse

This product is a volumizing mousse. It smells really fruity and girly and the smell lasts on your hair all day. It isn't too sticky but can be if you put to much on.

How to use-
 After washing my hair, I towel dry it and comb it through using a wide tooth comb. I squirt a medium size amount on to my fingertips and just rub gently between them. I scrunch the product into the roots of my hair and 'ruffle' it through to the ends.

I blowdry my hair upside down and scrunch again.

Price- £2.71 from Boots
      Price- £2.55 from Superdug

Schwarzkopf Heat Protection Spray

 After trying many heat defence products I have finally found this one. It isnt sticky at all and it is great to use on wet hair before blowdrying. Again, another Schwarzkopf product that smells divine, it lasts through the day even after using the heat and then adding more styling products.

I have used this product for about 4-6 months now and havn't suffered from any dry, damaged split ends, only untill now but that is just becuase my hair needs a good trim.

Price- £4.09 from an online store Mistrys

What is your favourite Mousse and Heat Protection Spray?

Olivia x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wobbly Wednesday!

Lush Shower Jellies Review

I have loved Lush for a long time now and just when I think I may have had enough of it, I just end up buying something else!

I think my favourite thing from Lush are the soaps but I have recently bought the shower jellies and have loved them!

The Jilted Elf

I got this one for Christmas last year so I have completly run out! This one isn't my favourite but I liked it more when I had put it in the freezer. On the tub it mentions putting the jellies in the freezer for a more refreshing result in the morning. Doing this deffinately helped me to wake up.

(source- Google)

It smells a bit weird but I think it is meant to. On the website it says that the inspiration of the smell comes from a New York City fig, honey and vodka cocktail! It also contains ginger and cinnamon. Another thing i love is the gold sparkles throughout the jelly. It dosn't really show up on the skin but I suppose it just makes it feel more expensive and luxurious.

Price: 100g- £3.45

 Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I got this one in May I think and I still have a little bit left. This one, I love! I had been wanting this for ages and was so happy when I finally got it. I don't usually freeze this just becuase the smell isnt as crisp. However, I just like to keep it as it is as it smells much softer.

It smells alot like Jelly Babies just like it says on the tub. It has cherries and coconut in it and they compliment each other beautifully. It smells very girly and fruity. It is like a party in a pot!

Price- 100g - £3.10
           240g- £6.25

Whoosh Shower Jelly

For those times when you feel like your'e an alien on your own planet

I only got this on Monday when I went into Leeds city centre but it was just becuase I needed a top-up.
Whoosh is so strong and so crisp, it just makes you feel so clean after using it. The Lush website says that it is perfect for people trying to adjust to different time zones and people who travel alot.
I totally agree. If I was travelling loads and getting my body clock mixed up I can't think of anything better than a 'squidge' of Woosh. 

This jelly includes lemon, lime and rosemary. I can smell the lemon and lime extremerly well and i am a sucker for lemon scents (good job Lush do alot of lemon scents.)

Price- 100g- £3.50
            240g- £6.40

Have you tried any of the Lush Shower Jellies?

Olivia x